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Colin Cowherd Blazing Five NFL 2015 Week 7 Picks On Fox Sports

Colin once again went 2-3 in his week 6 picks, same record as the week before.  He had a 2-2 record going into the Monday night game, but ended up getting burned by Eli and the Giant’s turnovers.  Giants never put up a fight that game in a rather dull game.

Update: you can see Colin’s week 8 picks here

Onto this week’s picks:




[winner] Eagles at Panthers (-3.5) – Panthers are better team here.  Carolina won 11 of last 12, the only loss was to Seattle in a close game in last year’s playoffs.  Panthers are 6th in the league in points, they create turnovers and score off turnovers.  And guess what, Sam Bradford is a turnover machine, with 9 interceptions (3 in the endzone) and 3 fumbles.  Philadelphia is also a bit banged up in the linebackers corp.  28-23 Panthers.


[loser] Dallas (+3.5) at New York – Even without Tony Romo, Dez Bryant might be back.  And Dallas will have an experienced Matt Cassel throwing to them.  Cassel is not afraid to throw it down the field, where as Weeden was risk-adverse.  Giants are horrible against the NFC East, and coming off a short week.  Giants also are not great at stopping the run, Joseph Randle top 5 in the league in yards after contact.   Don’t forget the Cowboys are coming off a bye here with 2 weeks to prepare for the game.  31-30 game either way, take the points.


[loser] New Orleans at Indianapolis (-4.5) – New Orleans simply do not have the defensive personnel to get it done.  Colts are great at home, covered 22 out of the last 30 home games.  Saints defense are bad, but even worse on the road.  Colts have fixed the turnover issues in the last couple weeks.  Colin says Indy wins by 13 this game.


[winner] Tampa Bay (+3.5) at Washington – Redskins can’t run the ball, and they have a struggling Kirk Cousins under center.  Washington a lousy home cover team, only covered 3 of last 10 home games.  Tampa Bay have large receivers, whereas Washington has a banged up secondary.  Winston has been steady in the 4th quarter this season, his issue has been the 1st quarter.    Tampa Bay has an elite defense.  27-20 Tampa Bay wins outright.

[winner] New York Jets (+9) at New England –  The throwback Jets have the number 1 ranked defense in the league and number 1 in points allowed.  They are also back to controlling the clock with solid running game behind Chris Ivory.  Jets lead the AFC in rushing yards per game and rushing yards allowed per game, that’s a rarity in this league.  Revis and Cromartie have played well against Tom Brady, around 50% completion rate allowed in the duos’ history against Brady.  Colin has Jets as the 3rd best team in the league right now.  27-24 Patriots win in a low scoring ugly game.


  1. Love your show. Love the Blazin’ 5 feature. I’m only off work on Thursdays so I have to run them down each week. Frankly, I’m better than you at picking 5 winners this year, but last two years you’ve been formidable. Nonetheless, I enjoy your rationale, and it looks like you’ll probably (finally) go 4 & 1 this week!

  2. Yeah I used his scores for over/under and he only lost one. The Giants was the only one that didn’t go over. Colin love your show and the way you rationale in which team should win.

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