Draftkings Million Dollar Winner NFL Week 6 Winning Lineup

If you watch enough football on TV these days, you’ve probably seen those giant Draftkings million dollar checks from their Millionaire Maker contests.  Each week Draftkings runs one big contest for $20 buy in, the first place winners gets guaranteed $1MM payout regardless of the number of entries.

Below is the Draft Kings Week 6 winning lineup for their Millionaire Maker contest.  The winner with the alias Dirty6613 selected a few underdogs for the week, including Matthew Stafford, Alshon Jeffery, Julius Thomas, and Steve Smith Jr.  All of which are household names, no doubt, but they were all drafted in less than 5% of lineups for the week.  Which, by the way, seem to be the strategy, to end up with a lineup card with least amount of common players as other participants.

If you’re interested in joining the fun on Draft Kings, you can sign up here.

draftkings nfl week 6 lineup

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