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Joey Bat Flip All Over Your Face

Jose Bautista is now known as Joey Bat Flip for his EPIC bat flip in last night’s game-changing-series-clinching homerun.  Bautista was understandably emotional after this homerun because:

  1. The 3 run homer gave the Jays a 6-3 in the bottom of the 7th, which, ultimately, clinched the series for the Jays to move on to the ALCS
  2. Jays had just went through an emotional roller coast on a bizarre play that allowed the Rangers to take the lead.  There was a 18 minute delay with fans through bottles onto field after the run scored.

Should MLB celebrate this epic bat flip? or should Bautista had tried to be more “professional”?

And how do you think this bat flip compares to the ones we saw earlier this year in the Korean baseball league…

By the way, check out Rizzo imitating Joey Bat Flip during batting practice today #AWESOMENESS

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