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More Entries More Winnings? Behind The Numbers Draft Kings’ Millionaire Maker Contest for 2015 NFL Week 7

Draft Kings has been pouring money into marketing their NFL Millionaire Maker contest, where one winner is guaranteed a grand prize of $1mm, with about 300,000 to 400,000 entries competing each week.  Below are some fast facts we found after some digging into the data from 2015 NFL week 7 of the Draft Kings Millionaire Maker.

If you’re interested in joining the fun on Draft Kings, you can sign up here.
  • First off, congrats to “Guzzi52314” for winning the grand prize in week 7,  you can see his winning lineup here.
  • There were a total of 341,099 entries, where the top 75,500 entries are “in the money”.  So basically, you would need to finish in the top 22 percentile to win any prize money.
  • Of the 341,099, there were a total of 180,880 players.  About 26% of the player had multiple entries.
Entries  Num of Players  %
1                 133,246 73.7%
2                   24,532 13.6%
3 to 5                   16,328 9.0%
6 to 10                     4,381 2.4%
11 to 25                     1,779 1.0%
26 to 50                         396 0.2%
51 to 100                         153 0.1%
101 to 250                           45 0.0%
251 to 500                           20 0.0%
  • Although 75,500 entries were in the money, since ~26% of the people had multiple entries, 46,831 people ended up collecting prize money, leaving 134,049 people (~74%) with goose eggs, including 4 people that entered between 51 and 100 lineups, and at $20 a pop, that’s between $1000 and $2000 of complete write off.draftkings 2015 NFL week 7 number of entries and ROI
  • 74% of the people ended up with $0 return, and 83% of the players ended up losing money, which leaves only 17% of the player making any amount of money playing the Draft Kings Millionaire Maker in week 7
If you’re interested in joining the fun on Draft Kings, you can sign up here.

Does more Draft Kings entries give you a better chance at winning?

    • Based solely on Week 7’s data, it’s hard to tell.draftkings 2015 wk 7 return on investments breakdown
      • 19% of people with 1 entry won money, where only 12% of the people with multiple entries made money.
      • 17% of people with between 1 and 50 entries won money, where 20% of the people with more than 50 entries won money.  So with more entries, do you see more people winning.
      • Does that mean more entries  gives you better chance at winning?  If you look at the subset which ignores 1 entry players, you do see an uptick in winning %.  But again, this is only based one 1 week of data, we will continue to monitor this in the weeks forward.draft kings week 7 winners vs entries

What about return on investments?  Does more Draft Kings entries give you better ROI?

draft kings week 7 ROI

  • It does appear that more people attain higher ROIs with more entries.
    • 91% of the people that won between 0% and 25% only had 1 entry, and 59% of the people that won more than 500% had only 1 entry.
    • which means, 9% of the people that won between 0% and 25% had multiple entries.  And here’s the key stat, 41% of the people that won more than 500% had multiple entries.
  • Here’s another way to look at this:draft kings week 7 ROI buckets
  • Although it’s slight, you can see people with between 1 and 10 entries trending lower as you move up on the ROI grid, from 99% for 25% ROI to 95% for >500% ROI.
  • and between with beteween 11 and 50 entries trending higher as you move up the ROI grid, from 1% with 25% ROI to 4% with >500% ROI.

So in conclusion, does more entries mean better chance at winning and higher ROI?  Based on one week of data, it does seem to suggest that you do achieve a better ROI if you submit more entries. But at the end of the day, only 1 in 6 people win at this game.

If you’re interested in joining the fun on Draft Kings, you can sign up here.

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