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Westgate (Hilton) SuperContest 2015 NFL Week 6 Consensus Picks

Here are the top 5 picks from the top 1% of the 2015 leaderboard in the Westgate NFL Supercontest (aka. LVH Contest,  Hilton contest), as of week 6 in the NFL season.

As it currently stands, the total entry in 2015 is 1727 players, so the top 1% in the leaderboard would be 17 players.

Westgate Supercontest 2015 Week 6 Consensus Picks:

[Loser] Arizona (-3) at Pittsburgh –[59% of picks] if underwhelming Chargers defense could stifle Michael Vick’s offense for 59.9999999 minutes, image what Bruce Arian will do to the Steelers

[Winner] Carolina (+7) at Seattle – [53% of picks] Seattle hasn’t exactly been dominating this year with their heart and soul Beastmode banged up all year.  Sneaky Carolina just keeps winnings despite all the naysayers

[Loser] New England (-7.5) at Indianapolis – [53% of picks] Everybody thinks Patriots have this game circled on their calendar as the ultimate F-you game from the Pats, call it the revenge of the Deflategate, if you will.  Although the 7.5 pts is a bit generous, you’ll likely find the line closer to 10.  And just a heads up, both Colin and Cousin Sal picked the Colts here.

[Winner] San Diego (+10.5) at Green Bay – [35.5% of picks] the supercontest players obviously don’t believe in home field advantage, taking all the roads teams at their top picks.  The Chargers have not shown much this season, but in each game, they do seem to be at the cusp out breaking out if they can eliminate a few debilitating players each game.

[Loser] New York Giants (+4.5) at Philadelphia – [29.5% of picks]  just a heads up here, the public appears to be on the Eagles here, the line has been bet up to around 5.5 or 6 at this point. Both Colin and Cousin Sal also picked the Giants here.  Experts seem to think Giants are extremely underrated this year

[Winner] Baltimore at San Francisco (+2.5)[29.5% of picks] finally a home team.  Tied for 5th on the popular picks by the top 1% of leaderboard.  Niners did put a surprising effort last week after laying an egg the week before.  Maybe Kappernick is turning the corner this season.


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