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Westgate (Hilton) SuperContest 2015 NFL Week 7 Consensus Picks

Last week we took the top 5 picks from the top 1% of the 2015 Westgate Supercontest leaderboard (it ended up being 6 picks since #5 and #6 were tied).  The week ended with a 3-3 record with the week getting ruined by an awful performance by the New York Giants on Monday night.  Other losers include Arizona, who put a complete dud last week, and Patriots lost the cover on a useless backdoor touchdown by the Colts at the end of the game.  The 3 winners actually all covered rather comfortably.

Onto this week’s top 5 consensus picks by the leaders of the contest:

Westgate Supercontest 2015 Week 7 Consensus Picks:

[winner] Jets (+9) at Patriots [79% of picks] – looks like everybody’s slamming the Jets this week!  by the way, count Colin in as a believer

[winner] Ravens at Cardinals (-7.5) [53% of picks] – Arizona cooled off a bit last week at Pittsburgh, but they should bounce back at home

[loser] Falcons (-4.5) at Titans [47% of picks] – Mariota is out for the game with a knee injury.  Devonta Freeman going to run wild.

[loser] Saints at Colts (-4.5) [32% of picks] – Colts didn’t look too bad against the best team in the NFL last week against the Pats.  Saints defense is just horrible.

[loser] Eagles (+3) at Panthers [32% of picks] – Chip Kelly has gotten his team back on track in the last couple games.

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