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Colin Cowherd Blazing Five NFL 2015 Week 11 Picks On Fox Sports

**Update: Turkey week, Colin did not make week 12 picks**

Without watching his Blazing Five segment, pretty much already going to know what Colin’s going to say about his week 10 picks. He’s going to spin it as just another average week for him where he always goes 3-2 or 2-3.  Dallas actually probably should have won their game, they fought hard to build a 6-3 lead LATE into 4Q, but eventually lost the game anyways.  They actually had recovered a Winston fumbled at their own endzone that would have sealed the win for them, but their DB was calling for holding on the play to negate that play. His other 2 losers never had a chance, blow out losses.  The 2 wins were great picks, but he probably copied from Cousin Sal’s picks from the night before?

Onto this week’s picks:




[winner] Cincinnati (+5) at Arizona – this line opened at 2.5, and swung way too far toward Cardinals.  Colin likes the good teams that get points.  80% of money is on Arizona, run the other way.  Cincy allows the fewest points in the league.  Arizona oline isn’t great as you saw in the Seattle game.  Bengals had an off week last week, won’t happen again.  28-26 final either way.


[loser] St. Louis (+1.5) at Baltimore – Rams are the better team and alive in playoff race, it’s a must win for them.  Jeff Fisher is a great coach as underdog with 97-70 record.  Case Keenum is the QB, but the offense revolves around Todd Gurley.  Baltimore past month, their rushing game has struggled, yards per rush they are ranked 28th in the last 4 weeks, and 29th in rushing yards in the last month.  Only Houston has better 3rd down defense than the Rams.  Rams win 24-23.


[winner] Indianapolis (+5.5) at Atlanta – Falcons could be the worst 6-3 team ever, they lost 3 of last 4.  Atl is last in the league in sacks.  Hasselbeck is a solid performer (haven’t thrown a INT in 2 years in his limited playing time).  Indy has been a great backdoor cover team this year.  Difference in Indy offense with or without Andrew Luck hasn’t been great.  Indianapolis wins 28-27.


[loser] Denver at Chicago (-1.5) – Colin is calling this as his favorite pick of the week, and the only favorite he’s picking.  Chicago is loaded with former Denver coaches, so they should know the Denver personnel pretty well.  Denver is starting backup Brock Osweiler, and he will be getting no rushing support.  Denver’s leading rusher has not gone over 45 yards rushing in the last 2 games, and they are ranked 29th in the league in rushing offense.  Chicago has been throwing smart low risk passes, throwing tons of screen passes, which cuts down on Cutler’s mistakes.  Chicago has won 4 of 6.  Bears should destroy the Broncos here 31-17.


[winner] Buffalo (+7.5) at New England – This is also Cousin Sal’s lock of the week.  Pats are banged up, Lewis and Edelman are key weapons for them and will be out for extended time.  Bills are 9th in the league against the rush.  Pats-Bills games have been decided by 8 points for fewer in the last 5 game.  Bills offense are healthy with their key players in tact.  This should be a competition game where the Pats come out on top, but in a close game. Pats win 24-20.


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