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Colin Cowherd Blazing Five NFL 2015 Week 12 Picks On Fox Sports

Update: here’s Colin Cowherd’s Blazing Five Week 13 Picks

***Colin is off rest of the week and did not make his Blazing Five Picks this week!!!****

When Colin goes 2-3, he always says he’s around .500.  But when he goes 3-2, he glows about how great his picks were.  But like Cousin Sal, c’mon! Where did you find that +7.5 line on the Bills!  By the time Colin’s picks were aired, most booked likely had +7 line for the game.  I’m sure most people went 2-2-1 follow Colin’s week 11 picks.

How pathetic was the Rams loss last week?  Baltimore is one of the worst teams in the NFL, and they lost both their starting QB and RB in the game, Rams still couldn’t win??



Colin Cowherd ended his Wednesday show saying he’s taking the rest of the week off for the holidays and will not be making his usual Blazing Five picks this week.  But he did throw out some thoughts on the 3 games on Thanksgiving.

Philadelphia at Detroit – Eagles should win.  But Chip Kelly might have one foot out the door already, there’s a few college jobs that’s very appealing.  Chip will return to Philly next year though if Colin Kaepernick hecomes his QB.

Carolina at Cowboys – Colin thinks Panthers win this game

Chicago at Green Bay – Packers wins, and Vegas loves GB

These are just to win the game, he did not mention ATS.


  1. The Bills line was indeed +7.5 for most of the early part of that week and only after Thu. did it come down to and settle at 7 for the remainder.

  2. And have you noticed that over the past several weeks, that Cousin Sal’s lock-pick (made on Thursdays) consistently shows up on Colin’s picks (made on Fri), and without them Colin would consistently be under coin-toss? Dude’s lost it.

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