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Westgate (Hilton) SuperContest 2015 NFL Week 11 Consensus Picks

Last week’s consensus picks came out with mixed result.  On one hand, it was great to come out with a 4-2 record, but for people that slammed the Titans thinking that since most of the top players took them, then it was not a great card.  Titans were picked by 14 of the top 18 teams (top 1% of leaderboard), so with so many experts backing them, it was a big bummer to lose that.  But we’ll take 4-2 record any day.

The leader in the contest “rounding again” had a terrible week by his standard, he ONLY went 3-2 (not his usual 5-0 weeks).   He won his TB, KC, and NYG picks, but lost on Philly and Oakland.


[loser] JETS (-2) at TEXANS – [50% of picks]

[loser] PACKERS at VIKINGS (-1)[41% of picks]

[push] BILLS (+7) at PATRIOTS – [36% of picks] – Both Colin and Cousin Sal are also on this

[winner] COWBOYS (PK) at DOLPHINS – [36% of picks]

[winner] BENGALS (+5) at CARDINALS – [32% of picks]

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