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Westgate (Hilton) SuperContest 2015 NFL Week 9 Consensus Picks

Last week, we took the top 25 players in the Westgate Contest leaderboard and aggregated their top picks.  How did these experts do last week?  The top 3 most popular picks lost, but they did win 2 of the top 5.

Onto this week’s picks, we took the top 5 picks from the top 1% off the players in the standing, here are the consensus picks:


[winner] Eagles (-2.5) at Cowboys [42% of picks] Colin agrees with this pick

[winner] Bears (+4) at Chargers [42% of picks]

[loser] Giants at Buccaneers (+2.5) [37% of picks] – No bueno according to Colin

[loser] Rams (+1.5) at Vikings [37% of picks]

[loser] Broncos (-5) at Colts [37% of picks]

[loser] Packers (-2.5) at Panthers [37% of picks]

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