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Colin Cowherd Blazing Five NFL 2015 Week 13 Picks On Fox Sports

Update: check here for Colin Cowherd week 14 Blazing Five Picks

Colin Cowherd was away for Turkey day last week so he did not make week 12 picks.  For week 13, Colin is taking Friday off, so he’s announced his Blazing Five picks yesterday.  He actually picked the winner in yesterday’s desperado/miracle Green Bay win.

Onto this week’s picks:




[winner] Green Bay (-3) at Detroit – Colin picked the miracle winner for this game yesterday.  GB started the game super flat, and were dominated for most of the game, but ended up winning on a 60 yard hail mary catch as time expired.  Hate to be a Lions fan today.


[loser] Houston (+3) at Buffalo – Houston has been playing great recently, specifically on defense, having allowed only two touchdowns in the last 18 quarters.   Tyrod Taylor has been wearing down and their offensive line has been bad. Their defense has been the best in the league in the last month, they are first in points, net yards, first down, third down, and sack percentage.  Take the points 26-20 Texans win.


[loser] Arizona at St. Louis (+5.5) – Everybody loves Arizona, with 80% of the bets on them, so run the other way.  Cardinals have a comfortable lead in the NFC West, there’s very little urgency from them, and may start resting players.  Arizona wins 24-23.


[winner] Indianapolis at Pittsburgh (-7) – Steelers turned the ball over 4 times last week in Seattle, and they still put up 30.  This is an explosive offense.  Hasselbeck has been serviceable, but he has won against lower tier competition.  Colts are outmatched this game.  Colts have no pass rush and thin secondary.  Big Ben will have a field day this game. Steelers kill colts 36-26.


[winner] Seattle (pk) at Minnesota – Under Carroll since 2012, Seattle has played well late in the season, going 22-4 in Nov/Dec.  Richard Sherman will take out Stefon Diggs and make the Vikings completely one dimensional.  Seahawks are in the playoff hunt and its a must win every week going forward.  Seattle wins this game 27-23.



  1. Your the best Colin, wish I could get you on the radio don’t have fs1 . ESPN sucks what morons on the radio they have on now.

  2. I agree with Jack. I miss Colin. Mike & Mike are great but ESPN made a huge mistake getting rid of Colin.

  3. I’ve quit listening to ESPN because now the fattest, ugliest, all non sense no sports Dan Lebatard is on. Way to go ESPN. Get rid of a legend and promote a loser

  4. I watch every day on FS1 DVR delay, sorry rather chew glass than see commercials. Your life analogies to sports stories are extremely insightful as well as entertaining.
    Your show was recommended several years ago by a close sports hound friend of mine who thought he was listening to me. After my first listen, I told my pal he was being beyond kind, Colin, you say it before I can think it but love it when I hear it. We do however, completely share a common love of wife and family. I’d call but you’re to popular, don’t have the time to hold. Keep it up, don’t change a thing, fan for life.

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