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Colin Cowherd Blazing Five NFL 2015 Week 14 Picks On Fox Sports

Colin continues his mediocre picks in week 13, going 3-2.  Although, Colin did call for a blow out win by the Steelers, and blow out win Pittsburgh did.  He is also on a 2 week winning streak.  All in all, we all cashed on his picks, let’s keep this going Colin.

Onto this week’s picks:




[winner] Oakland (+7.5) at Denver – Raiders have the more talented QB, they’re getting points and won 3 road games this year.  Osweiler has been steady but is not a star.  Denver is 10-2 this year, but 8 of those games were by less than a touchdown, going 7-1 in those games.  Oakland has the 2nd most improved offense in the league, gaining more than 80 yards per game more than last year.  Denver will win 27-23, 7.5 points is too much to give.


[loser] Tennessee (+7.5) at New York – Jets are at home and maybe the better team, but 7.5 points is a lot to give up.  Titans have a top  10 defense in yards surrendered. Jets are only going to go so far with Fitzpatrick at QB.  Jets defense is good, but they’ve allowed at least 20 pts in the last 8 games.  Titans in the 4th quarter has been good late in the games.  24-23 game either way, take the points.


[loser] Buffalo (-1.5) at Philadelphia – colin usually likes to take dogs, but not this game.  Philly just came off a huge emotional game.  Eagles have allowed 20 touchdowns in last 22 quarters, their defense stinks.  Bills have a better roster and better running game.  Tyrod Taylor is dependable and mistake free (17 TDs vs 4 Int).  Philly is off their biggest win in 2 years.  Bills win 31-26.


[winner] New England (-3) at Houston – Gronk and Edelman practiced this week, but probably won’t play.  But the reality is the last time Patriots lost 3 in a row was back in 2002.  Pats only giving up 3 points here and they are pissed off.  Houston does not have a wild home field advantage.  Houston offense can’t run, and Hopkins is their only play maker.  Houston will be counting on Hoyer to carry the team against solid Pats pass rushers.  No problem swallowing the 3 points here. NE wins 30-21.


[winner] Seattle (-6) at Baltimore – (baloney line, don’t know where Colin is getting this line, it should be over -11 in most places) Matt Schaub is simply terrible and old.  Baltimore has 9 games with multiple turnovers, while Seattle has 17 takeaways.  Seattle is playing for something now in midst of a playoff hunt.  Last 3 weeks, Russ Wilson has become a true pocket QB, he is wildly efficient and effective.

Colin is drunk today or just sucks at math.  Says he would take Baltimore if it’s 7 points or more, but he also says Seattle wins 28-17.  Either way, Seattle is also Cousin Sal’s lock of the week and he has this line at a more reasonable line at -10.


  1. Baloney line? Please understand these picks started because of the Supercontest at the Westgate in Las Vegas. You pick any 5 games against the spread based on lines that are locked in on Wednesday night. Therefore, we end up picking from a “boloney line” every once in a while. Last year I ended up picking against Minnesota because the like we had was based on AP playing, but he was arrested later in the week. Look into the contest, it might be something you want to participate in next year.

    Colin has definitely cherry picked his lines though this year after moving to Fox. He uses the Supercontest line or current line, whichever favors his pick the most. current line

  2. This ass clown would have trouble picking the games after they are over. All his info experts and meat sandwiches. He gets meat sandwiches ok

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