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ESPN’s Late NFL Week 15 Stat Corrections on Denard Robinson Blowing up Fantasy Football Playoffs

Denard Shoelace Robinson just broke the internet.  ESPN just screwed over a ton of fantasy football owners in the midst of playoff finals.  ESPN decided to give Denard Robinson an additional 13 rushing yards, which would come out to 1.3pts in most standard leagues.  And the ESPN stat correction comes out after a week 16 game has already played!  The possibilities are endless on how ESPN screwed people out of serious $$$ with this.  The would be winners likely wouldn’t even had changed their lineups this week with this late announcement.

Apparently, Denard Robinson fumbled on a play that Hurns recovered for a 13 yard loss, which is credited to the team rather than Robinson’s personal rushing stats, so ESPN corrected to show his stats without the loss. has also corrected to reflect this change, but as of the time of this post, Yahoo Sports still has Robinson with 28 yards rushing, rather than the correct 41 yards.

Official stats from different sites:

Here are some hilarious wild sad stories of how this affected people’s fantasy leagues.

Wow. The guy going up against Robinson was up by 1 point and benched Ben Watson (in case he pulled an Amendola) to be extra safe and he got knocked out because of that..

If the stats had been correct then he would have started Watson and won.



  1. ESPN doesn’t just decide to give people points. They follow official NFL box scores so when the NFL catches mistakes they made in their scoring and corrects them, ESPN changes their stats to match. In this case Denard Robinson fumbled on the line of scrimmage the ball was knocked backwards 13 yards and recovered by teammate Allen Hurns. Robinson had the 13 yard subtracted from his rushing total. This was the mistake. Keen eyed fantasy players were already pointing this out during the week anticipating a stat correction. Nfl just took too long.

  2. The fact of the matter is, it was AFTER the next week started. This absolutely destroys the integrity of this site

  3. Do they realize that members passed on waivers, didn’t set line-ups and so on since they thought they were out? CBS and Yahoo still have Robinson at 28 yards. Where’s the consistency?

  4. None of these trump my dilemma. I am in Yahoo where the change has not taken place. I had won my week 15 game by 1.57 to advance to the championship. Thursday morning stat corrections took 2 IDP tackles away from me to have me lose by .43. So Christmas Eve morning I receive the news I was OUT. 24 hours later on Christmas morning (Friday) I wake up and read about this, after Thursday nights game was already over officially starting week 16. The 1.3 point adjustment would have propelled me back into the championship game AGAIN with a .87 point victory. I don’t think Yahoo is going to change this so I will be pleading my case tomorrow for the commish (private league)to manually add the 1.3 and allow me to compete for the championship this weekend. Yahoos rules say Thursday is the cutoff for stat corrections, but I feel an exception needs to be made given the HUGE mistake by someone who tallies the stats AND the fact that and both changed the stat line and change fantasy matchups even after the Thursday night game was completed.

  5. Incredible…I run a 12-team league on CBS Sports and last week was our playoffs. Two teams tied 99-99. They were tied in division and head-to-head wins and it came down to bench points in this case (a mistake as we should have had total season points as the next tie breaker).

    Now our Super Bowl has started with one team already accruing points. The week 15 loser would now be the winner, 100-99, with this development.

    WTF do we do?

  6. I was in the championship and now I’m out because of some stupid rule in ESPN. You make me sick. Thursday starts the next week how can you make a change this late especially when it’s the playoffs!!! Dam it I will never play ESPN again you suck!!

  7. Same situation has happened in our league and ESPN has changed the Championship matchup as of Christmas morning. We changed it back to the original matchup at the time of the Thursday night game. Team owners sometimes set their lineups and make their transactions according to who they are playing and it’s not fair how ESPN has added points after the new week has started. It sucks for the team owner who should have won but once a new week starts its only fair to lock it in.

  8. Who the hell sets their lineup according to who they are playing, Frank? That makes no sense at all. You don’t actually play anybody in fantasy football. You just try to score the most points possible.

  9. This stat correct was ridiculous. I’m all for getting things right, but waiting until after the next round has started is just too late for a change like that. Screw ESPN and that late ass bullshit.

  10. I won my game by 1.5 points last week and now because of this I lose by .5 points and am out of the championship game! What a load of crap!!! Even if the change is correct the fact of the matter is that it was AFTER the Thursday night game. I am done with ESPN!!!! Thanks for screwing me!!!!!!!!!

  11. I love yahoo fantasy football league they don’t scew people over aftrr the next weeks games have already started. This is why I quit playing in my ESPN league this year they screwed me last year.

  12. me and a few people in my league have been contacting NFL, ESPN, Elias Sports Bureau in regards to this issue and they are having lots of issues with this correction and how the play is tech defined.

    our argument is that Denard is responsible for the ball up until the point of poss by the next player(allen Hurns) they are saying that since it was touched and pushed back by the Atl player that he does not accrue the Neg yards, and since Hurns recovered the ball there was no fumble lost. WHAT? if the Atl player touches the ball and pushes it back does it not make it a fumble recovery at that point then? if they say he did not poss the ball then Denard would be responsible for the yards. I dont see why this is so difficult, but the sites make this super hard and me as a commish has to make a call and no matter what i do as a commish i am gonna piss people off because of their incompetence. really need some major clarification!

  13. ESPN change it back and do the right thing!!!!! Week 16 has started and you are costing people lots of money!!!! The worst site ever!! ITS THE PLAYOFFS DAM IT!!

  14. Yes, Change it back. You are not allowed to change it after next round is started. NFL fantasy did the same thing and suddenly I am playing for the third place instead of playing for the first place.

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