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Colin Cowherd Blazing Five 2015-2016 NFL Wildcard Playoff Picks On Fox Sports

Update:  here are Colin’s thoughts on the Divisional Rounds (he loves Denver to beat Pittsburgh)

Colin ended his last week of the NFL regular season with a 2-3 record, ending his 5 week winning streak.  In a typical year, Colin would end it after the regular season since he would have to pick every single game rather than picking his favorite picks.  But with the college championship game and the NFL playoffs, Colin will make this very last Blazing Five picks of the year.

Onto this week’s picks:




[loser] Kansas City at Houston (+3.5) – FYI, Cousin Sal picked the Chiefs to win in a blowout as his lock of the week.  As for Colin, he’s taking the Texans here.  Chiefs likely wins in a close game, but Colin is picking the Texans to cover.  Neither team has a great offense, but rely heavily on their defense.  Since week 8, Houston has allowed 12 points a game, and 5 times they allowed exactly 6 points in a game since week 8.  They had 8 sacks last week against the Jags.  In a low scoring game, Colin would not give up more than a field goal.  Chiefs also have a great defense,   they’ve only allowed 14.5 points in their last 12 games.  But Brian Hoyer is capable at QB for Houston, and he’s the best QB Houston has.  Houston’s at home in a low scoring game.  Houston will cover with KC winning 21-20.

[loser] Pittsburgh (-2.5) at Cincinnati – Steelers are giving up less than a field goal this game.  In the last 15 times these two teams played in Cincy, Steelers are 13-2 against the spread.  Pitt has decent defense, not great, but they are great at stopping the run and 3rd in the league in sacks, which means A.J. McCarron will have to beat the Steelers.  McCarron is about 60%-70% of Andy Dalton, who Colin does not love.  Take the Hall of Fame QB against a backup QB.  Steelers wins 28-24.


[loser] Seattle (-5) at Minnesota – It will be cold, but not overly windy, weather shouldn’t be a huge factor.  Teddy Bridgewater grew up in Florida, he doesn’t like playing in zero degree weather either.  Whereas Wilson played at Wisconsin and now plays in cold windy Seattle.  Vikings are loaded with young players, and they just came off an emotional win against the Packers to win the division, they will pull back emotionally.  Difference in QB play is massive this game, Bridgewater is closer to A.J. McCarron than to Russell Wilson, the difference in their level is staggering.  Seattle wins 27-17.


[winner] Green Bay (-1) at Washington – Redskins are the hot team going into the playoffs, but Aaron Rodgers will be facing the Redskins defense that’s ranked 28th in the league in yards allowed, they give up chunks of yards.  Washington played 3 great teams this year, and lost them all.  Washington finished last in points off turnovers differential, which means their offense is limited and not very opportunistic.  Green Bay has not been impressive to end the season, but they did lose to two great teams in Arizona and Minnesota.  Green Bay circles the wagons, wins 28-23.


[loser] Clemson vs Alabama (-7) – In college, Colin does not have problem giving up points.  Of the last eight national championship games, the favorites won 7.  Alabama has more experience, more players that are NFL ready.  Clemson’s biggest weapon is their QB Deshaun Watson Bama played against 2 mobile quarterbacks this year, and Bama stifled them both.  Bama had the toughest schedule in the country, they only lost to Ole Miss by 6 because of fluke turnovers that they rarely commit.  This should  be a competitive and close game, but Alabama pulls away late 34-24.

One Comment

  1. Colin, once again when you try to ride solo you louse it up!

    Be honest bro, you rode Cousin Sal’s lock-pics for more than than the overwhelming & super majority of the times that you were above .500 this season!

    Honestly if we exclude them (i.e. Sal’s pics) that you ‘coincidentally’ happened to also pick, and he makes his picks public almost a day before your picks, you’re way under the golden goal of, and assuming the mostly standard odds of 110/100 when you mostly announce your picks , .5238.

    But then for the playoffs you putatively tried to separate yourself from Cousin Sal, and like the early parts of this season when you were batting under 500, you exposed yourself!

    Dude, he (Cousin Sal) brought you to the dance but in your vanity ways you tried to buck him and you let us all down … Now all know!

    And now for the wild card weekend, assuming all goes well tomorrow, all you can best do is break even, which in the wagering world is no good … the house rakes the vig… So what say you beloved Colin?

    As the playoffs advance, the number of NFL games will diminish and so it will be difficult for us plebes, yes ‘unwashed wagering masses’ to deterministically connect your picks to Sal’s and you may get away with it, but we know who brought you to the dance and anytime you ‘coincidentally’ sync up with ‘Cousin Sal’, ‘incidental’ as you’re bound to argue, or ‘otherwise’ as the rest of us will suspect, and given that that otherwise has, except for once several years ago has yet to work for you, the truth will be self-evident!

    And for your sake I pray that both your tomorrow pics work out Colin! I do…

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