Fast Money Recap Final Trade Stock Picks On CNBC 01-07-2016

Chinese market is still the story today, some analysts think this correction may be worst than the hysteria from Summer 2015.  Hold on for the ride bulls.

CNBC Fast Money Final Trades 01/07/2016


Dan Nathan – Sell Walmart (WMT), trading at 65.03 as of closing 01/07/2016.  If you have profits in Walmart, you take them.


Steve Grasso – Buy American Eagle (AEO) trading at 15.88 as of closing 01/07/2016.


Brian Kelly – Sell Deutsche Bank (DB) trading at 22.72 as of closing 01/07/2016.  Long term play, too much exposure in the derivative book, will get hurt the most with this global selloff.  Sell Deutsche Bank.


Guy Adami – Buy Gold (GDX) trading at 14.88 as of closing 01/07/2016, gold market is breaking out.