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NFL Relocation To Los Angeles News For Chargers Rams Raiders Meeting In Houston Update


No white smoke sighting yet, but the final votes for the NFL relocation is currently happening in Houston.  Goodell has vowed to lock up all the owners in a room over the next two days until a final decision has been made regarding which team(s) will be moving to Los Angeles next year.

Sam Farmer from the LA Times reported a few minuets ago that the owners appear to be leaning toward the Kroenke Plan.

If that’s the case, there’s likely one of these scenarios happening, in the order of likeliest scenario in my personal opinion.

  1. Kroenke sells Dean Spanos on his plan and Rams/Chargers team up in a joint venture in Inglewood.  Dean Spanos has publicly said he’s reluctant to team up with Kroenke (of course due to money), but Spanos’ hands are tied and should accept this deal. Fyi,rumor has it that there may be a clause in the Carson plan that would not allow either Raiders or Chargers to leave for the Inglewood site.
  2. Rams gets vote to go to LA by themselves in 2016, and Chargers gets an under the table deal to join the Rams in the same stadium in 2017.  There’s currently limited sites available for two NFL teams to play temporarily.  The LA Colosseum has already said they’re not willing to take on 2 NFL teams.  So NFL could delay a second team to go to Los Angeles, with the understanding that Chargers will join the Rams when the stadium issues are more clear.
  3. Mark Davis strikes gold and get to ride along on the Kroenke train, Rams and Raiders both return to Los Angeles.
  4. Rams move to LA by themselves and Chargers and Raiders stay put.  Raiders appears to be the least likely to move in these scenarios



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