Fast Money Recap Final Trade Stock Picks On CNBC 02-19-2016

Stocks ended on a mixed trading day, closing out the best performing week of the year.  Dow and S&P ended essentially flat for the day while Nasdaq added 0.38%.  Crude oil price today plunged 3.7% to close at $29.64 per barrel, it’s nice to see for once that stock did not follow the oil selloff today, could this be the beginning of the decoupling?



Tim Seymour – look into materials, Materials Select Sector SPDR ETF (XLB), buy 1/3 at a time in case it drops.  AAPL will trade sideways from this unlocking fiasco.  Final trade for Tim is to buy Ralph Lauren Corporation (RL).


Brian Kelly & Dan Nathan – the world is coming to an end, sell everything.  Such Debbie downers.  Dan Nathan is down on the materials bounce over the last couple months and would load up on XLB $40 puts.  Also sell the GDX.

Guy Adami – The bulls need to get the S&P above 1950 for Guy to believe in this rally. Buy iShares 20+ Year Treasury Bond (TLT), it’s still the play in this environment.