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Bad Beats Saturday That Should Be on SVP’s Bad Beats Segment on Sports Center

With 4 seconds remaining in the game, Stanford pushing the -3 line winning the game 16-13. UCLA ran its last play of the game, which 99.8% of the time, would probably be incomplete pass to end the game, and 0.099999999999999% of the time a miracle TD may happen. So if you had UCLA +3, you should be satisfied with a push or a possible miracle TD for the win….but then this happened…

This one hurts if you took LSU to win moneyline, since they were a -3.5 favorite.  LSU appeared to have scored a game winning TD as time expired, what an exciting last play! LSU players all jumping for joy!

…NOT SO FAST!  the ref reviewed it and deemed LSU did not snap the ball prior to the ball expiring…ouch!

Did you guys see any other bad beats this weekend?

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