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Best Running Back to Start in 2016 NFL Week 3 Fantasy Football Fanduel Draft Kings

After not scoring a single TD in his entire rookie season last year, Melvin Gordon has put up 3 TDs in the first 2 games.  With Danny Woodhead out for the season, Gordon sholuld become a 3 down back at this point.  His offseason workout sessions with Adrian Peterson may have actually helped him.

*Note: stats below are based on footballoutsiders.com’s DVOA analysis, be sure to check out their explanation on DVOA if you haven’t read about it before.

Best Running Back to Start in 2016 NFL Week 3

Name Salary GameInfo Matchup Rush DVOA
Melvin Gordon 5800 [email protected] 04:25PM ET 37
Frank Gore 5000 [email protected] 04:25PM ET 22.3
Latavius Murray 5700 [email protected] 01:00PM ET 20.5
David Johnson 7700 [email protected] 01:00PM ET 10.6
Mark Ingram 5900 [email protected] 08:30PM ET 6.5
Matt Forte 7000 [email protected] 04:25PM ET 5.9
DeAngelo Williams 7500 [email protected] 04:25PM ET -2.6
Spencer Ware 5700 [email protected] 04:25PM ET -5.3
Rashad Jennings 5100 [email protected] 01:00PM ET -5.6
Eddie Lacy 6100 [email protected] 01:00PM ET -6.8
Devonta Freeman 5800 [email protected] 08:30PM ET -10.6