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Best Wide Receiver to Start in 2016 NFL Week 2 Fantasy Football Fanduel Draft Kings

If Demaryius Thomas’ injury isn’t too serious and plays this week, he should put up big numbers.  The Colts has one of the worst passing defense in the league.  Detroit put up 39 points on them last week with Stafford throwing for 340 yards, that’s a lot of yards to go around for the receivers.

*Note: stats below are based on footballoutsiders.com’s DVOA analysis, be sure to check out their explanation on DVOA if you haven’t read about it before.

Best Wide Receiver to Start in 2016 NFL Week 2

Name Salary GameInfo Matchup DVOA
Demaryius Thomas 6400 [email protected] 04:25PM ET 67.1
Mike Evans 7200 [email protected] 04:05PM ET 65.7
Michael Crabtree 6100 [email protected] 04:25PM ET 57.5
Larry Fitzgerald 6400 [email protected] 04:05PM ET 52.2
Julio Jones 9200 [email protected] 04:25PM ET 51.8
A.J. Green 8900 [email protected] 01:00PM ET 50.7
Antonio Brown 9900 [email protected] 01:00PM ET 47.2
Brandin Cooks 8000 [email protected] 01:00PM ET 47.1
Odell Beckham Jr. 9500 [email protected] 01:00PM ET 27.9
Donte Moncrief 6400 [email protected] 04:25PM ET 21.6
DeSean Jackson 6300 [email protected] 01:00PM ET 20.5
DeAndre Hopkins 8700 [email protected] 01:00PM ET 19.4
Julian Edelman 6200 [email protected] 01:00PM ET 17.4
Amari Cooper 7600 [email protected] 04:25PM ET 14.2
Doug Baldwin 6600 [email protected] 04:05PM ET 12