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Cousin Sal 2016 Week 1 NFL Picks On Cousin Sal’s Sure Thing

Update: check here for Cousin Sal’s Week 2 Picks

Lame-o ESPN continues to stink up the joint and allowing top talents to leave its network, this time is our Cousin Sal!  ESPN decided not to renew him for this season, not sure why.  He only appeared for a couple of minutes a week, can’t see how much dough he was pulling from the network. At least he’s staying relevant and we can continue to get his picks.



Last two years, Cousin Sal won 79% on his best bets.  Our Cousin Sal is the real deal.  This year he’s putting real dough on the line, starting with a $10,000 bank roll, let’s see how much of that he will have left at the end of this season.

Best Bet of the Week


[loser] Chicago (+6) at Houston –  This is also one of Colin Cowherd’s favorite bets this week. Bears will have a solid defensive line this season, which will put lots of pressure on Houston’s new prized QB.  J.J. Watt is still recovering from his offseason surgery, he won’t be much of a factor this game.  6 points is too much to give on week 1.  Cousin Sal is putting 18% of his bankroll on Da Bears!

Other Best Bets


[winner] Detroit (+3.5) at Indianapolis – Indy suffered a huge blow to their secondary losing Vontae Davis for this week.  Stafford will have a great opportunity to jell with his new receivers.  Indy have been outscored by 36 points in their last 4 opening day games.  $1200 on Detroit.


[loser] Minnesota at Tennessee (+2) –  Vikings will miss Teddy two gloves for the season and trotting out the journeyman Sam Bradford, who has only been in the system for about two weeks so far.  The dynamic RB duo of Murray and Henry will pound the shit out of Vikings.  Cousin Sal is betting $700 on the Titans this week.


Cousin Sal Fantasy Football Picks

This year, Cousin Sal will also be picking his own “love/hate” players of the week, kinda like Matty Berry.  Guess these are for the Draft Kings and Fanduel enthusiasts.

Gem – Matty Ice

Bust – Matty Forte

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