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Draftkings Million Dollar Winner 2016 NFL Week 3 Winning Lineup

Congrats to team Papagates for winning Draft Kings 2016 NFL Week 3 Millionaire Maker contest.  Papagates had 150 entries, which is the maximum entries allowed for this contest (just like the winner from week 2).  At $20 a pop, the winner spent $3,000 in entry fees, and looks like Papagates was in the money for least 9 of the 150 entries, including the grand $1 million prize.  For people that say the game is rigged to gear toward players with deeper pockets, they might have a points, it’s simply tough to win the contest if you only have a couple entries.

Draft Kings 2016 NFL Week 3 Millionaire Maker Winning Lineup:

Pos Player % Drafted  Points   Salary 
QB Matthew Stafford 2.4%           30.5          6,800
RB LeSean McCoy 1.8%           29.6          6,500
RB Shane Vereen 11.3%           16.5          3,700
TE Zach Miller 0.7%           27.8          2,900
WR Marvin Jones Jr. 10.4%           41.5          6,200
WR Antonio Brown 22.4%           29.0          9,600
WR Terrelle Pryor Sr. 2.9%           34.9          3,400
FLEX T.Y. Hilton 4.5%           34.4          6,800
DST Seahawks 7.4%             3.0          4,100
        247.2       50,000


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  1. He picked it out of the toilet before flushing so that he did’nt stink up the plant so bad. This is a freak lineup with over credited percentages. Some of these players either have never played a good week, or have not had a good week since mid 2015. Looks like someone threw some darts and got real lucky.

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