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BenMR UFC Fight Night 106 Picks

There will be another UFC card for Saturday’s fight night 106 event. I went 3-1 for subscribers last week. Another profitable event.

Pricing packages are gonna change for UFC as it’ll be $30 flat rate instead of a fee per pick structure. This simplifies things for both sides and actually ends up cheaper for subscribers. I typically always have at least 3 plays.

BenMR UFC Fight Night 106 Picks

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Below were the UFC 209 selections from last week.

BenMR UFC 209 Picks Recap

  • Albert Morales: -136 [winner]
  • Cynthia Cavillo: -125 [winner]
  • Bektic /elkins over 1.5: -288 [winner]
  • Stephan Thompson: -140 [loser]

Also played Vannato and bektic parlay as a fun personal play but didn’t have that as a paid play due to the high odds.