MLB Public Picks For 2017-05-30

Below are the MLB public picks so far today. Also be sure to check out our picks, that have been on fire the first month of the day.

MLB Public Picks – Moneyline

MatchupPublic Pick – ML
Chicago Cubs at San Diego94% on Chicago Cubs (-142)
Boston at Chicago White Sox94% on Boston (-179)
Cincinnati at Toronto93% on Toronto (-180)
Detroit at Kansas City91% on Detroit (-131)
Seattle at Colorado90% on Colorado (-138)
Atlanta at Los Angeles Angels89% on Atlanta (+118)
New York Yankees at Baltimore80% on New York Yankees (-141)
Tampa Bay at Texas74% on Texas (-105)
Milwaukee at New York Mets74% on New York Mets (-113)
Arizona at Pittsburgh65% on Pittsburgh (-104)
Philadelphia at Miami61% on Philadelphia (+101)
Washington at San Francisco58% on Washington (+109)
Los Angeles Dodgers at St. Louis54% on Los Angeles Dodgers (-121)
Houston at Minnesota53% on Minnesota (-113)
Oakland at Cleveland52% on Cleveland (-162)

MLB Public Picks – Spread

MatchupPublic Pick – Spread
Boston at Chicago White Sox95% on Boston (-1.5)
Cincinnati at Toronto94% on Toronto (-1.5)
Seattle at Colorado91% on Colorado (-1.5)
Houston at Minnesota87% on Minnesota (-1.5)
New York Yankees at Baltimore86% on New York Yankees (-1.5)
Arizona at Pittsburgh84% on Arizona (-1.5)
Atlanta at Los Angeles Angels75% on Los Angeles Angels (-1.5)
Milwaukee at New York Mets74% on New York Mets (-1.5)
Philadelphia at Miami65% on Miami (-1.5)
Tampa Bay at Texas63% on Texas (-1.5)
Chicago Cubs at San Diego63% on Chicago Cubs (-1.5)
Washington at San Francisco60% on Washington (+1.5)
Oakland at Cleveland60% on Cleveland (-1.5)
Detroit at Kansas City58% on Kansas City (+1.5)
Los Angeles Dodgers at St. Louis53% on St. Louis (+1.5)

MLB Public Picks – Total

MatchupPublic Pick – Total
Oakland at Cleveland99% on Over 9
Detroit at Kansas City99% on Over 9
Tampa Bay at Texas99% on Over 10
Chicago Cubs at San Diego98% on Over 8.5
Arizona at Pittsburgh95% on Over 8.5
Houston at Minnesota94% on Over 9
Los Angeles Dodgers at St. Louis91% on Over 8.5
New York Yankees at Baltimore83% on Over 8.5
Boston at Chicago White Sox81% on Over 7.5
Cincinnati at Toronto81% on Over 10
Philadelphia at Miami75% on Over 9
Milwaukee at New York Mets75% on Over 9
Atlanta at Los Angeles Angels75% on Over 8.5
Washington at San Francisco60% on Over 7.5
Seattle at Colorado56% on Over 11

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