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BenMR NFL Preseason Power Rankings 2017 Preview (Part One Teams 32 to 21)

I love the smell of fresh football season right around the corner. NFL and College Football. I love it. College Football and College Basketball are where I’ve traditionally made my money. I don’t expect anything different this season. Here’s an early look at my thoughts and looks into each of the 32 teams.

32. New York Jets

If I’ve ever seen an outright tanking from a football team prior to the season’s start, it’s this year’s NY Jets. Basically let go of all their best assets (Brandon Marshall, Eric Decker, Revis, Nick Mangold). Their QB situation as of right now is Josh McCown, Christian Hackenburg and Bryce Petty. ‘Nuff said.

31. Cleveland Browns.

Well, at least they didn’t screw up their #1 overall pick. Obviously, Cleveland had more holes than any team in the NFL at the end of the season and they gave it a valient effort through their many draft picks. Myles Garrett, the #1 overall pick, sounds like he will be a beast. The Cleveland defense is actually not that bad. Their offense on the other hand…still a project in the works. Lost their best offensive weapon in Terrelle Pryor and have no legitimate QBs as of now. Is DeShone Kizer the future QB to lead this franchise?

30. Los Angeles Rams

I was NEVER a fan of Goff and I was proven that right in his first season. The Rams defense is actually one of the league’s best but without any consistency on offense, it can only keep the team close in games for so long before they also break. No real big off season signings so this team’s success will really rely on Goff’s progression.

29. Chicago Bears.

They may not be as bad as the 49ers but I moved them down one spot below just because of the stupidity of their draft day move to trade up to take Mitch Trubisky.  Whether or not he turns out to be good, they had to know the situation and that he would still be there at their pick. Plus, they wasted all this money on signing QB Mike Glennon. Their front office alone kills any possible success for them this year.

28. San Francisco 49ers

Team has just too many holes that were not addressed this off-season. Their starting QB as of now is Brian Hoyer. It’s pretty darn embarrassing.

27. Cincinatti Bengals

Think the window is closing for Dalton. They got AJ Green some help with speedster rookie WR, John Ross.  Consistency has always been a problem for the Bengals and, this year, I don’t think they get so lucky.

26. Buffalo Bills

Well, now that Rex Ryan is out, maybe some stability and less noise. Ironically, the last few years Rex Ryan teams have been atrocious on defense. Not much big acquisitions added to the defensive side besides rookie CB Tre’Davious White. They are loaded with offensive weapon but I’ve never been a big believer of QB Taylor. Lucky for them, aside from the Pats, the AFC East is pretty soft this year.

25. Jacksonville Jaguars

Well, how many more years with Blake Bortles get to prove himself? Could this be his last chance? Can’t say they haven’t given him enough weapons. Adding RB Leonard Fournette to the dynamic Allen WRs duo, they have talent all around the ball on offense. The defense is young and also filled withed talent. It’s now or never to take that next big step.

24. Washington Redskins

Should be interesting as the who QB contract issue surrounding Cousins will overhang on the team until it gets resolved. Cousins is the epitome of big stats against crap teams but hardly ever comes through against the elite teams. Adding Terelle Pryor will help this new look WR corp. Losing DeSean Jackson and Garcon, it will be interesting to see how Cousins gels with his new playmakers early on. The defensive side remains a big question market against a high powered NFC East offense.

23. Carolina Panthers

I’ve never been a big fan of Cam Newton. As an athlete, he is a beast. As a leader and true QB, he is very mediocre. His completion percentage is very mid-tier and teams are figuring that out. Let him try and make the passes. For the most part, he doesn’t deliver. He sure damn is lucky to have grabbed my favorite player in this past draft, Christian McCaffrey. Will be fun to see how they end up utilizing him.  The Panther’s secondary remains a big question and playing in the most high powered offensive divisions in the NFL does not help that.

22. Houston Texans

I loved Deshaun Watson at Clemson. He is your quintessential leader. Ala Tim Tebow. For Texans fans, they hope the comparisons to Tebow ends there. While I think Watson will have a good (not great) career in the NFL, I expect some adjusting period to take place. The Texans defense is good enough to keep them close in games but don’t think they have enough offense to get them over the humps.

21. Miami Dolphins

Miami isn’t horrible anywhere, but they’re not great anywhere either. Everything is mediocre to below mediocre. And last year, they won a LOT of close games. Data says that usually averages out the following year. I except that trend to continue. They have alot of young unproven talent on offense.  Also added TE Julius Thomas to the mix. Losing OT Brandon Allen, I feel, could be a big lost given Tannehill coming off his knee injury.
Part two coming tomorrow…

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