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BenMR CFB Week 1 Predictions (08/26/2017 to 09/04/2017)

College Football…less than 1 month away. I CAN’T WAIT!! As most of you know, this and College basketball have historically been my big moneymakers and I don’t anticipate any change this year. Lots of great and exciting teams to look forward to this season. College football is filled with line inconsistencies as there are jsut too many teams to follow for odds makers. That’s where the pro handicappers come in and attempt to exploit some of the inefficiencies.

As always my weekly picks are $30. I’ve identified a couple of early bird picks. Lines are already moving. Don’t miss out. Also, I’m making this set of picks to extend essentially 2 weeks since the very first weekend 8/26 has an abbreviated schedule.

2 picks so far…

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NFL Week 1 Predictions

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