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EYO Moneyline Parlay Of The Day 2017-10-19

Man…first Hayward and now Lin, not a good start to the season for NBA fans.  Hope they come back even stronger next year.  What sucks the most is both are in the middle of their prime, both likely would have had career years.

Anyways, onto making FREE Money!  Start thinking about how you’re going to spend the money from this moneyline parlay, it’s money in the bank.

Moneyline Parlay Of The Day

3 Team Moneyline Parlay -109

  • Los Angeles Dodgers v Chicago Cubs – Los Angeles Dodgers ML
    • at some point you just have to block out Kershaw’s playoff record and just trust the dude.  It’s Clayton fucking Kershaw.  peace out cubs, have fun fishing
  • Chicago Bulls v Toronto Raptors – Toronto Raptors ML
  • New York Knicks v Oklahoma City Thunder – Oklahoma City Thunder ML
    • c’mon…Bulls and Knicks stink….’nuff said

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