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EYO NBA Opening Day Teaser Of The Day 2017-10-17

Love me some NBA, especially after all that offseason drama, of course Boston plays Cleveland on the first day of the week. Just going to sit back and enjoy these games.

NBA Opening Day Teaser Of The Day

2 Team (7 Point) Teaser -200

  • Boston Celtics v Cleveland Cavaliers – Boston Celtics +4.5 (+7)
    • Simple as Robin changing team to their conference rivals, and now Batman’s doing it alone again.
    • Bold prediction: J.R. Smith outscores Wade tonight.  Wade probably scores under 10 points, he’s a non-factor at this stage of his career.
    • Kryie should be worth about 3-4 points for the spread, so put him on the other team, that should swing the line 6 to 8 points toward the Celtics.
    • LeBron rolled his ankle a week ago, no way Lue allowing LeBron to go balls out for over 40 minutes this week
  • Houston Rockets v Golden State Warriors – Houston Rockets +9 (+7)
    • Do you remember last year’s opening night? What a disaster.  GS lost 129-100 at home. That team didn’t really click until November
    • Houston covered 3 of 4 games last year against GS on much lower spreads, and Houston got better this year to say the least.  Simply too many points to give on opening night.

First game of the season, all the teams probably going to be rusty, both games should stay close.  Any “experts” that claim to be able to handicap first week of the season without any updated data is full of shit.  There’s no way to handicap team chemistry and trends without any current game data.

Oh what the hell…throwing a tiny bit on the moneyline parlay for both underdogs as well, 2 team underdog parlay pays +1077

Good luck!

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