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EYO NFL Early Games Teaser Of The Day 2017-10-08

To get NFL Sunday started, here’s a couple teams that always seem to keep the game close.  Both of these teams should actually win the game outright, but getting close to 10 points in a teaser makes them a no-brainer.

EYO Sunday NFL Moneyline Parlay

2 Team (6 Point) Teaser -120

  • Los Angeles Chargers v New York Giants – Los Angeles Chargers +3 (Teasing up to +9)
    • battle of the 0fers…loser goes to 0-5 and perhaps start to think about drafting replacement for their aging QBs
    • Giants have no running game, and their WRs aren’t showing up so far (Brandon Marshall is done?)  So they can’t control the clock, going against a Chargers team that has the least 3 and outs in the entire league.
    • Chargers likely will feature Melvin Gordon this game, then dump the ball to Ekeler on 3rd downs to avoid Landon Collins and move the chain methodically.
    • Chargers will slowly grind out long drives to put away the Giants
  • Buffalo Bills v Cincinnati Bengals – Buffalo Bills +3.5 (Teasing up to +9.5)
    • Bills just came off back to back wins against potential playoff teams, against the Broncos and Falcons
    • Bengals’ only win is against the Browns…’nuff said


  1. we got this peter! might as well throw them in a 2 team underdog moneyline parlay as well. both will win outright

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