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EYO NFL Early Games Teaser Of The Day 2017-10-22

Teasers have been easy money for us this season.  It’s been year of the underdogs so far, so let’s continue to find value with these underdogs…and give them 6 extra points!

EYO Sunday Morning NFL Teaser of the Day

2 Team (6 Point) Teaser -120)

  • New York Jets v Miami Dolphins – New York Jets +3.5 (+6)
    • if this is a sucker’s bet, than go ahead and call me a sucker, no way this pathetic Dolphins offense will be able to score enough points to cover 9.5 points against any team in the league
    • Todd Bowles is all about grinding through games and keep the game close enough to hopefully be in position to win the game in the last 5 minutes of the game, and they have mostly done that so far this season, he’s very underrated and have done a great job managing the games
  • Baltimore Ravens v Minnesota Vikings – Baltimore Ravens +5.5 (+6)
    • Baltimore defense is insane this year, they will not get blown out.  Getting +11.5 points here seem like a safe bet
    • Vikings have been up and down this year, they just came off a huge win against division rival Packers, and should come right back down to earth this week
    • Vikings 3 headed QB monster is in limbo, Case knows he’s losing his job soon no matter what he does here, and Vikings have no run game after Dalvin went down
    • this should be an extremely low scoring game, the total from Vegas is only at 38.5, so getting that many points should be safe when neither team will move the ball

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