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EYO Thursday Night Football Teaser Of The Day 2017-10-26

These games are junk, but doesn’t mean we can’t find winners.  Let’s do this!

EYO Thursday Night Football Teaser

2 Team (6.5 Point) Teaser  -125

    • Eastern Michigan v No Illinois – Eastern Michigan +7 (+6.5)
    • Miami Dolphins v Baltimore Ravens – Miami Dolphins +3 (+6.5)
      • so you’re  telling me I get to take a solid 4-2 Dolphins team that plays great defense, AND playing without Jay Cutler, AND getting points?  Sign me up!  Matt Moore is the much better QB on this team
      • Dolphins allowed 20 points of less in 5 of their 6 games so far, so even if they give up 20 points here, they would just need to score 11 points to cover this teaser
      • Baltimore lost 4 of their last 5, they are a mess, cross them off for the season

EYO NBA Thursday Teaser Of The Day 2017-10-26

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