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EYO Saturday Night College Football Tilt Teaser Of The Day 2017-11-04

Time to double up on your big wins on the day!  or…tilt bet to win back the losses.  We got just the teaser to get it all back.  Check this out

EYO Saturday Night College Football Teaser

2 Team (6 Point) Teaser -120

  • Arizona v USC – USC -7.5 (+6)
    • just win baby, teasing down to -1.5.  Zona is not in the same league as SC.  Zona gets all the SC and UCLA rejects from California, their talent not at SC’s level.  Sam Darnold will show why he came into the season as a Heisman hopeful.  SC will make Zona a one dimensional team and dare them to throw the ball.
  • Virginia Tech v Miami Florida – Miami Florida +2.5 (+6)
    • Nobody believes in us team of the year.  Undefeated this year and has had a tougher schedule so far than VTech.  Canes have shown they can hang with the good teams and close out tough games as they had to play close games in each of the last 4 games and pulled out wins, so getting 8.5 points here is a safe bet, no points needed here though.


  1. USC has literally forgot how to tackle on defense their defenders are like refusing to tackle. They just try and rap people up or hand grab. What in the hell happened in the 4th quarter! They were tackling fine in the first half.

  2. thought we had this play wrapped up already. SC will still win, but this is making it way more stressful than it should be. getting outcoached in the 2nd half for sure.

  3. haha, as soon as i started worrying they scored 2 touchdowns and got an int to secure it very quickly.

    Your killing it in CFB teasers btw , thats quite a few in a row since last weekend.

  4. yup, 2-0 on our teasers yesterday. Been having more success this season doing just 2 teamers rather than trying to hit homeruns. Let’s keep this rolling!

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