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Colin Cowherd Blazing Five NFL 2018 Week 6 Picks On Fox Sports

Another winning week for Colin, going 3-2 last week.  His picks this week are pretty predictable, the Browns and Broncos picks are the typical Colin picks where he has nothing to lose, but if they pan out, he gets to brag about how smart he is taking the contrarian side.  Surprised he didn’t take the Bengals to add to the contrarian picks.

He tried the same thing last week taking the lowly Oakland over the Chargers, and now he’s doubling down again against the Chargers…

It’s time to fade Colin this week.

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THE HERD’S BLAZIN’ FIVE PICKS NFL 2018 WEEK 6 (Season Record 15-9-1):

  • LA Chargers at Cleveland – Cleveland (+1)
    • Browns lead the league in takeaways

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