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Stanford Steve and Chris “The Bear” Fallica College Football Playoff Championship Game Picks on ESPN Behind the Bets Podcast

Stanford Steve and the Bear finally have their own podcast now.  They’re no longer part of the Behind the Bets podcast.  Check them out, the podcast is simply named “Stanford Steve & The Bear” Podcast.  subscribe yall!

If you’re looking for other football picks, we got other expert picks for you, check these out:

Chris “The Bear” Fallica 2018 CFB Bowl Picks:

Behind the Bets Podcast Picks

  • Clemson moneyline +180
  • Alabama vs Clemson +5.5


Stanford Steve Coughlin 2018 CFB Bowl Picks:

  • Clemson vs Alabama -4.5


Listen To Stanford Steve and Chris “The Bear” Fallica’s Podcast

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