BenMR Free Money CBB 2017-02-28 Picks

Oh look what we found…more free money!  BenMR ATM machine is just spilling benjis.  7-3 record yesterday, takes us to 29-16 overall.  chuuuu chuuuu!!!

here’s today’s BenMR free money picks:

Ball St +5.5
Seton Hall -3.5
Penn St -1.5
Maryland -6
Texas A&M -4
Kent St -3
Georgia Tech -2

2 thoughts on “BenMR Free Money CBB 2017-02-28 Picks”

  1. Unc-2.5 Loss
    Nc greens +2.5 Win
    Norfolk st +2.5 Loss
    Samford +5.5 Loss
    S Carolina upstate -4.5 Loss
    Western Carolina -2 Win
    Arkansas state pk Win
    Texas state -4 Win
    Baylor pk Win
    Virginia tech pk Win

    That looks like 6-4 to me, not 7-3

  2. Check your records. Yesterday saw wins from UNC-Greensboro, W. Carolina, Ark St, Texas St, Baylor & Va Tech, but losses with UNC, Norfolk St, Samford & USC-Upstate. 6-4 record yesterday… NOT 7-3 but still a profit! I have your cumulative record at 27-18.

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