BenMR Free Money CBB 2017-03-02 Picks

Chop chop yesterday…pushed chips around…going 6-6.  Taking us to 39-25 overall.   Momentum is still on our side.  Better time than ever to back up the truck and load up on BenMR shares.  #BenMR>SNAP

here’s today’s BenMR free money picks:

Evansville -1
Texas St +6.5
Montana St -3
Portland St pk
Bradley -3
Gardner Webb -3

10 thoughts on “BenMR Free Money CBB 2017-03-02 Picks”

  1. no, it’s just a stock photo.

    BenMR does offer premium content that include his top picks of the day for CBB, let us know if you’re interested

  2. @threewood.

    All good. You keep ur tally and I’ll keep mine. My main priority is to win for my paid subscribers. I do my best to also maintain this FREE site.

    For those who are into MMA betting, I have a paid service for that as well. Huge card this weekend.

  3. @Anonymous – if interested in my subscribed picks, email me at [email protected].

    Might as well wait until saturday as this first week on this site was intended to be free for all.

    ATTN ALL: This was our first week on the site so 90% of my subscribed picks were posted free. Going fwd, they will be released on a limited basis. Great week, all!

  4. FYI – may not be any plays tomorrow. Friday college basketball typically sucks unless you enjoy watching Ivy Leaguers battle it out. Will post any plays in the morning.

  5. @BenMR… today is atypical from most Fridays as some conference tournaments are in full swing. Good picks… keep ’em coming

  6. Yeh, but a lot of neutral court games. That kinds of screed with my models algorithms. I may have a few

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