Scott Van Pelt 2016 Week 4 CFB Bad Beats On ESPN Sports Center

Update: check out SVP’s week 5 picks here

SVP’s week 3 edition of bad beats is basically a pac12 edition, both games were pretty lame (for the losers).

As I predicted last week after the games, of course SVP would include the UCLA debacle as his top bad beats of week 3 of CFB.  The cover happened on the LAST play of the game!

That Cal game SVP mentioned in this segment is pretty gnarly too, losing both bets on an onside kick return, holy frick!

Fumble-6 and onside-kick-return-6, wow what a weekend for backdoor covers, that NEVER happens.

Lee Corso On ESPN College Gameday #SaturdaySelections Mascot Headgear Pick For Week 4 of CFB

Boy did Corso get his pick correct last week.  Louisville absolutely embarrassed the then #2 team in the country Florida State.  Make that a back to back week winner for Corso’s headgear pick.

This week the Gameday crew is in Knoxville for the matchup between two ranked SEC teams, #19 Florida vs #14 Tennessee.

College Gameday Celebrity Guest Picker Today

College Gameday brought out the coaching legends today, the former coaches for both teams, Steve Spurrier and Phillip Fulmer.  Spurrier had a 7-3 coaching edge in their past rivalry.

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Lee Corso Headgear Pick

Godspeed Gator fans…

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Scott Van Pelt 2016 Week 4 CFB WINNER$ Picks On ESPN Sports Center

Update: check out SVP’s week 5 picks here

Back to back tough weeks for SVP, his week 3 picks went 2-4, putting him at 7-9 on the year.

Stanford Steve’s pick ended up pushing, so no action there.


Scott Van Pelt 2016 Week 4 College Football Picks

SVP digging the home dogs this week


  • [winner] Wisconsin (+5.5) at Michigan State
  • [loser] Nebraska at Northwestern (+8)
  • [loser] Florida State at South Florida (+5)
  • [loser] Stanford at UCLA (+3)
  • [winner] LSU at Auburn (+3.5)

Stanford Steve 2016 Week 4 College Football Pick


  • [winner] USC at Utah (-3)

Scott Van Pelt 2016 Week 3 CFB Bad Beats On ESPN Sports Center

Ohhh…the dreaded pick 6 to lose the cover in the last minute of the game. That’s the worst!  Yup, that happened over the weekend in the Liberty vs SMU game.  But if you’re betting that game and you’re not an alum of either school…you either are a genius or you got issues.

Ever pray for the kicker to miss an extra point to win your bet?  That NEVVVVVVER happens for us…but happened yesterday to degenerate.

The other game is also pretty painful, garbage time back door covers on the LAST play of the game. Ouch!

Lee Corso On ESPN College Gameday #SaturdaySelections Mascot Headgear Pick For Week 3 of CFB

Lee Corso finally turned things around, winning a headgear pick for once on a double digit favorite last week.  Tennessee Vols blewout Virginia Tech last week to put Corso on the board for the first win in 2016.

This week, ESPN College GameDay is in Louisville for the showdown between visiting #2 Florida State against the hometown #10 Louisville.
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Celebrity Guest Picker

To honor the great Louisville native, Muhammad Ali, ESPN invited Ali’s daughter Laila to be the celebrity guest picker for this week.  Both teams will also be honoring Ali at this game, including wearing Ali decals on their helmets.

Lee Corso Headgear Pick

Godspeed Louisville fans…

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Scott Van Pelt 2016 Week 2 CFB Bad Beats On ESPN Sports Center

Each week, Scott picks out a few bad beats that happened over the weekend.  We’ve all been there, and it always seems like we’re always on the wrong side of the bad beats, it’s painful when it happens to you, but hilarious when it happens to others.  Great segment by SVP.

First up is the Oregon game:


With Oregon leading 44-26 and only 1 minute left in the game, it Oregon could have easily just kneeled and ended the game.  Instead, the next play the Oregon running back actually took the house from midfield! BUT…of course, holding call on the play.  What a heartbreaker.  The would be TD would have covered both the over AND the favorite.  Instead that holding penalty made winners for the dog and under.

Old Dominion game:

This one doesn’t seem THAT bad, considered what we’ve all been through in our bad beats.  This game had over 4 minutes remaining in the game.   But Appalachian State did have the game wrapped up with 4 minutes left, but they actually went gung ho on this last drive even though the game was already out of hand.  The coach decided to go for it TWICE on 4th down, and finally punching it in in the last minute.  If I had Old Dominion this, that last 4 minute drive would be gut wrenching given the circumstances.

Tulsa 1st Half:


This one’s pretty bad.  What the heck was Tulsa thinking??  Deep in their own territory with 49 seconds remaining in the half, a huge storm came through, and it was raining cats and dogs.  Why would the coach try to put together a drive under that condition?  And of course, the ball slips out of the QB’s hand and turns into a pick 6 to lose the first half cover. OUCH!

Western Kentucky Good Win


This is the one most people probably saw on Sports Center over and over, where Lane Kiffin had his ass chewed off by Nick Saban.  Bama had the ball and was covering with 98 seconds remaining in the game.  All Bama had to do was kneel and go home!  But Kiffin called for a play that ultimately led to a fumble, and Western Kentucky miraculously scored on the short field.  Poor Kiffin.

Lee Corso On ESPN College Gameday #SaturdaySelections Mascot Headgear Pick For Week 2 of CFB

For week 2, ESPN College Gameday showed up at the Bristol Speedway in Tennessee for the matchup between Virginia Tech and Tennessee.  Being at a race track, it only makes sense to have the racing legend Dale Earnhardt Jr. as the special guest.


LSU fans, you can blame Corso for the week 1 loss to ruin your season, he totally jinxed yall.  He’s now off to a 0-1 start on the year, after going 6-12 last year.  Corso made his 278th headgear pick, and he has an all-time record of 183-94 on these picks.


And this week he is going with….




That’s a pretty sweet looking racing helmet, no way Corso loses this time just because of that helmet.  Tennessee is a -11.5 point favorite this game.  So should be a safe pick for Lee?