EYO NFL Monday Night Football Parlay Of The Day 2017-12-18

3-0 on our football parlays yesterday. Had some good luck doing a similar moneyline parlay on Sunday Night football…let’s try it again, parlaying moneyline with NBA.

Monday Night Football Moneyline Parlay Of The Day

2 Team Moneyline Parlay -112

  • Atlanta Falcons v Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Atlanta Falcons ML -293
    • taking the home dog on Monday night was tempting, but couldn’t pull the trigger.  Bucs are that bad.  Falcons’ offense will light them up just like they did to them a month back.
  • Golden State Warriors v Los Angeles Lakers – Golden State Warriors ML -244
    • it’s GS…and against the Lakers…’nuff said.  juice padding game here