Lee Corso On ESPN College Gameday #SaturdaySelections Mascot Headgear Pick For Week 4 of CFB

Boy did Corso get his pick correct last week.  Louisville absolutely embarrassed the then #2 team in the country Florida State.  Make that a back to back week winner for Corso’s headgear pick.

This week the Gameday crew is in Knoxville for the matchup between two ranked SEC teams, #19 Florida vs #14 Tennessee.

College Gameday Celebrity Guest Picker Today

College Gameday brought out the coaching legends today, the former coaches for both teams, Steve Spurrier and Phillip Fulmer.  Spurrier had a 7-3 coaching edge in their past rivalry.

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Lee Corso Headgear Pick

Godspeed Gator fans…

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Lee Corso On ESPN College Gameday #SaturdaySelections Mascot Headgear Pick For Week 3 of CFB

Lee Corso finally turned things around, winning a headgear pick for once on a double digit favorite last week.  Tennessee Vols blewout Virginia Tech last week to put Corso on the board for the first win in 2016.

This week, ESPN College GameDay is in Louisville for the showdown between visiting #2 Florida State against the hometown #10 Louisville.
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Celebrity Guest Picker

To honor the great Louisville native, Muhammad Ali, ESPN invited Ali’s daughter Laila to be the celebrity guest picker for this week.  Both teams will also be honoring Ali at this game, including wearing Ali decals on their helmets.

Lee Corso Headgear Pick

Godspeed Louisville fans…

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Lee Corso On ESPN College Gameday #SaturdaySelections Mascot Headgear Pick For Week 2 of CFB

For week 2, ESPN College Gameday showed up at the Bristol Speedway in Tennessee for the matchup between Virginia Tech and Tennessee.  Being at a race track, it only makes sense to have the racing legend Dale Earnhardt Jr. as the special guest.


LSU fans, you can blame Corso for the week 1 loss to ruin your season, he totally jinxed yall.  He’s now off to a 0-1 start on the year, after going 6-12 last year.  Corso made his 278th headgear pick, and he has an all-time record of 183-94 on these picks.


And this week he is going with….




That’s a pretty sweet looking racing helmet, no way Corso loses this time just because of that helmet.  Tennessee is a -11.5 point favorite this game.  So should be a safe pick for Lee?