Colin Cowherds Week 10 Blazing 5 Picks

colin cowherd week 10 blazing 5 picks

Well..well..well, so what do we have here.  Did Colin actually register a winning week?  his second winning week of the year.  Congrats buddy.

Colin was off to a great start, going 3-0 to start his picks, but unfortunately, the momentum fizzled, and he lost the last two.  The best weeks he’s picked this season was 3-2.  Not close to what he was doing last year, he was consistently going 4-1 week in and week out.  Maybe this winning week will propel him to a 50% by year end.

Here’s Colin’s week 10 blazing five picks:

Bengals at Ravens (+1.5)
Dolphins at Buccaneers (+2.5)
Eagles (+1) at Packers
Seahawks at Falcons (+5.5)
Cowboys at Saints (-6.5)