Chris Fallica

Chris “The Bear” Fallica is a sportscaster and gambling expert who has been featured on ESPN’s College GameDay since 2013, and joined Fox Sports in 2023.

He makes his “Bear’s Bank” picks against the spread each week, and his record since 2015 is 203-178-9 (55.1%). This means that he has won 55.1% of his bets, which is a respectable record.

Fallica is a self-proclaimed “stats nerd” and takes a data-driven approach to his picks. He uses a variety of factors to make his predictions, including team records, injuries, recent trends, and weather conditions. He also has a good understanding of the betting markets and how they can affect the outcome of a game.

Fallica is not afraid to make bold picks, and he has been known to go against the grain on occasion. However, he also has a good track record of picking winners, and he is one of the most respected handicappers in the country.
In addition to his work on College GameDay, Fallica also appears on ESPN’s Behind the Bets podcast and hosts his own podcast, The Bear’s Den. He is also a regular contributor to and ESPN The Magazine.

Overall, Chris Fallica is a respected sportscaster and gambling expert with a good track record of picking winners. His “Bear’s Bank” picks are worth considering if you are looking for some college football betting advice.

Bear’s Bank record on ESPN Gameday

2022: 45-24-1 (65.2%)
2021: 22-21-1 (51.2%)
2020: 24-26-2 (48.0%)
2019: 29-27-1 (51.8%)
2018: 30-24-1 (55.6%)
2017: 29-19-1 (60.4%)
2016: 30-19 (61.2%)
2015: 28-23-1 (54..9%)
All Time: 192-159-6 (54.7%)

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