Colin Cowherds Week 7 Blazing Five Picks

blazing five week 7 picks

Imagine winning 73% of your picks…how much would you be up this season?  That’s right, you’d be killing it this season had you been fading Colin from week 1.

Poor Colin was just miserable last week, going 0fer.  Meaing 0-6, losing every pick.  Although he did have a couple bad beats, including the wrong end of King Brady’s comeback, and the Bills were also getting blown out all game until the late game cover.

Onto this sunday’s week 7 Colin Cowherd Blazing Five picks:

49ers (-4) at Titans
Bears at Redskins (-1)
Ravens (+1.5) at Steelers
Chargers at Jaguars (+7.5)
Patriots (-3.5) at Jets
Cowboys at Eagles (-3)

A couple road favorites there, a.k.a. standard sucker bets…enjoy.
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