Cousin Sal 2015 Week 6 NFL Picks On ESPN Sports Center

The flaming hot Cousin Sal is back for this week 6 NFL picks.  We had Cousin Sal’s picks lumped with Colin’s picks in previous weeks, but it’s time to pay the man his due respect and give Cousin Sal his own picks column.  If you’re looking for Colin Cowherd’s picks for week 6 (which btw & spoiler alert….Colin took these same 3 picks this week), you can find it on his own blazing 5 weekly column.

Cousin Sal killed it again last week, hitting his lock of the week best bet with Green Bay (-10).  Green Bay offense actually did not do much to make it a comfortable cover, but their defense hunkered down and took the bet to the promise land.  In all, Cousin Sal went 2-1 again last week.

Onto this week:

Cousin Sal 2015 NFL Week 6 best bets:

Best Bet aka Lock of the Week aka Free Money from Cousin Sal:

[Loser] New York Giants (+3.5) at Philadelphia Eagles


[Loser] Denver Broncos (-4.5) at Cleveland Browns


[Winner] New England Patriots at Indianapolis Colts (+10.5)