Draftkings Million Dollar Winner 2017 NFL Week 5 Winning Lineup

Another week…and another “who the hell is this tight end” that had the winning Millionaire Maker Draftkings Lineup.  The tight end in questions is…who the hell is George Kittle???  He even had OBJ, who didn’t even finish the game (maybe perhaps the season?).

Anyways, congrats to GrindersCal for winning the big bucks.

Draft Kings 2017 NFL Week 5 Millionaire Maker Winning Lineup:

QBBrian Hoyer7.70%     25.124,700
RBMelvin Gordon15.30%     37.306,000
RBAaron Jones5.10%     23.405,100
WROdell Beckham Jr.9.10%     21.508,500
WRA.J. Green3.80%     33.908,200
WRDonte Moncrief3.30%       6.203,900
TEGeorge Kittle1.30%     21.302,500
FLEXAntonio Brown12.50%     28.708,400
DSTDolphins7.00%     20.002,700
   217.42   50,000.00