Last Second Miracle Cover by Ohio State Against Northwestern Costs Vegas Books $7-10 Million Dollar Swing

(Photo: Jerry Lai, USA TODAY Sports)

If you took the Ohio State vs Northwestern game yesterday, there was an 80% chance you were popping bottles celebrating the miracle cover.

In the last play of the game with Northwestern trailing 33-30, with the ball inside their own 10 yard line, Northwestern ran the desperation hook-and-ladder play. Of course the play rarely executes and usually ends up with penalty for illegal forward pass or play just dies. What most people did not expect was the lateral went through the hands of one of the receivers and the ball rolled into the endzone. Of course a Buckeye dives onto the ball to end the game. Final score was 40-30, covering the -6.5 spread.


The word from Vegas books is that most of the bettors were slamming the road favorite to cover with about 80% of the money on Ohio State.  That one miracle play cost the books roughly $7-10 Million.  For once the house lost.

(Photo: Jerry Lai, USA TODAY Sports)

Great win for the folks that took OSU.

Can’t imagine the heartbreak for the Northwestern backers.  All I can say for them is “I feel your pain”, we have all suffered BS losses before.  Go get ’em next time.