Scott Van Pelt 2016 Week 4 CFB WINNER$ Picks On ESPN Sports Center

Update: check out SVP’s week 5 picks here

Back to back tough weeks for SVP, his week 3 picks went 2-4, putting him at 7-9 on the year.

Stanford Steve’s pick ended up pushing, so no action there.


Scott Van Pelt 2016 Week 4 College Football Picks

SVP digging the home dogs this week


  • [winner] Wisconsin (+5.5) at Michigan State
  • [loser] Nebraska at Northwestern (+8)
  • [loser] Florida State at South Florida (+5)
  • [loser] Stanford at UCLA (+3)
  • [winner] LSU at Auburn (+3.5)

Stanford Steve 2016 Week 4 College Football Pick


  • [winner] USC at Utah (-3)