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Sean’s Sharp Bets for NFL Week 8

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By sean
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In what seems to be a consistent trend, we had some heartbreaks. With a reverse sweep last week going 0-3 our season total is 4-9-1. I had another .5 heartbreaker with the 49ers in a 9-0 game in Washington. We need to right this ship and we’re looking to do that this week.

Here we go with our week NFL bets.

Green Bay Packers @ Kansas City Chiefs

Sean’s Pick: Packers -4

In what would have been one of the most exciting games of the season, Mahomes vs Rodgers is going to fail to live up to the hype. I still think it will be a good game, but not the excitement that Mahomes would bring.

Matt Moore is playing QB for the Chiefs after the Mahomes injury. Moore is good and Andy Reid is a great coach who will build a scheme around him.

However, it wont be enough. Mahomes is who he is because when things go sour he can roll out of the pocket make a few guys miss and then drop a dime 70 yards down field. Matt Moore just is not be capable of this.

When things collapse and the first two options aren’t open the Chiefs will struggle without having one of the greatest playmakers ever in Mahomes.

The Packers and Aaron Rodgers are coming off a huge win over Oakland where Aaron Rodgers went off. The Packers are hot and looking for a big win on the road, the Chiefs rely heavily on the play of Pat Mahomes and they won’t get close to that production with Moore.

We all know what Mahomes means to the Chiefs, but we will really see how much he means to this team over the next few weeks if he is out.

Take the spread, lock in Packers -4.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Tennessee Titans

Sean’s Pick: Bucs +2.5

The battle between the 2015 number 1 and 2 overall picks will not be happening this Sunday. Both are busts, and both teams seem to be preparing to move on. Marcus Mariota won’t even play after being benched for Ryan Tannehill.

Tannehill and the Titans had a big win last week, taking out the injury decimated Chargers. Some people are claiming Tannehill may be the answer. He isn’t. Winston isn’t a great Quarterback, but he’s better than Tannehill.

Bruce Arians is a good coach, and the Bucs are looking to bounce back. I think this game will be close but I like the match ups Mike Evans and Godwin have. I like the Bucs pass rush against the Titans.

I just don’t see Tannehill being the answer and if the Chargers didn’t have half their roster on the IR that game wouldn’t have been close.

Take the points, lock in Bucs +2.5.

Cleveland Browns @ New England Patriots

Sean’s Pick: Patriots -12.5

The Patriots are dominating the league, and I know what you’re thinking. Who have they really played? This is a fair point, but this defense will be this good all season, and the best stretch of the season starts this week against the Browns.

I could drop a list of stats explaining the dominance of the Patriots defense, that would take up to much room. This team can play, they get to the QB, shut down the run, and their secondary is a full of ballhawks who can also tackle. It is a dream defense.

Their offense also has the GOAT with Tom Brady and a new weapon with Sanu. Gordon may be on the IR but he wasn’t having the best season anyway. Dorsett is back and Ben Watson is officially on the team. The Pats also have James White and Michel in the backfield.

Belichick makes this offense work, always has, always will.

Baker Mayfield has been disappointing this season, the whole Browns team has been. This is a home game for the Patriots, which is always bad news for the opposing teams.

I’m going to keep it simple.

Belichick will coach circles around Freddie Kitchens, the Patriots have the better offense, way better defense, and better special teams.

The Patriots are just better.

This will be a 2 score game.

Lock in Pats -12.5


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