Stanford Steve and Chris “The Bear” Fallica 2020 College Football Week 5 Picks on ESPN Behind the Bets Podcast

Stanford Steve and the Bear are back with their weekly picks.  Check them out below.

If you’re looking for other football picks, we got other expert picks for you, check these out:

Chris “The Bear” Fallica 2020 CFB Week 5 Picks:

Behind the Bets Podcast Picks 

  • Oklahoma at Iowa_St – Iowa_St (+7)

Bear’s Bank

Stanford Steve Coughlin 2020 CFB Week 5 Picks:

Weekly Pick on Sports Center With SVP

Memphis at SMU – SMU (+2.5)

Behind the Bets Podcast Picks

Memphis at SMU – SMU (+2.5)
Oklahoma_St at Kansas – Oklahoma_St (-21)
TCU at Texas – TCU (+13)