Breaking Down’s VIP Program, Rakeback and Bonuses

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Original Publish Date: is one of the leading crypto betting platforms, offering a generous VIP program along with rakeback and bonuses to reward its most active players.

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Here’s a deep dive into how it all works: VIP Levels

Stake has multiple VIP tiers that players can progress through based on their total wagered amount over time. The levels are:

Bronze: $10,000 wagered
Silver: $50,000 wagered
Gold: $100,000 wagered
Platinum: $250,000 wagered
Platinum II: $500,000 wagered
Platinum III: $1,000,000 wagered
Platinum IV: $2,500,000 wagered
Platinum V: $5,000,000 wagered
Platinum VI: $10,000,000 wagered
Diamond: $25,000,000 wagered

The higher your VIP tier, the better rewards and benefits you’ll receive from Stake. Rakeback

In addition to the VIP program, Stake offers rakeback to players based on their total wagers over weekly and monthly periods:

Weekly Rakeback = VIP Base Level + 0.1% of Total Wagers for the Week
Monthly Rakeback = VIP Base Level + 0.05% of Total Wagers for the Month

The “VIP Base Level” is a fixed amount that increases as you climb higher VIP tiers, ranging from $2 at the lowest levels up to $50 at the highest.

For example, if you wagered $100,000 in a week at the Gold VIP level with a $10 base, your weekly rakeback would be:
$10 base + (0.1% of $100,000) = $10 + $100 = $110 Bonuses

On top of rakeback, Stake provides VIP bonuses ranging from $25 up to $1,500 or more based on your VIP level and net losses over a period. The higher your VIP tier and losses, the larger the bonus potential.

The baseline bonuses start at $25 for lower VIPs and go up to $200 for Platinum I, $400 for Platinum II, $800 for Platinum III, and so on – essentially doubling with each new Platinum level.

However, these are just the base amounts. Your final bonus can be significantly higher depending on factors like your overall play volume, losses, interactions with the VIP host (which is assigned at Platinum II and higher), and more.

For example, players have reported bonuses of $12,800 at the Diamond I level after suffering large losses. The exact bonus amounts can vary significantly from player to player based on Stake’s calculations.

In summary, Stake incentivizes players to wager more through its multi-tiered VIP program providing better rakeback rates, larger bonus payouts, and additional perks like VIP hosts at the higher levels. The potential rewards increase exponentially as you climb from Bronze all the way up to the elusive Diamond tier.

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