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Clay Travis College Football 2023 Week 10 Picks

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In his latest college football analysis, Clay Travis shares his insights for Week 10 with a particular focus on under bets. Last week, he went 6-5, bringing his season tally to a narrowly positive 51-50. With a promise of “17 winners” this weekend, Travis aims to capitalize on what he perceives to be profitable lines on the board, especially a slew of unders.

Clay Travis’ Week 10 College Football Picks

  • Wake Forest at Duke, Under 45.5
  • Texas A&M at Ole Miss, Under 53.5
  • Nebraska at Michigan State, Under 34.5
  • Ohio State at Rutgers, Rutgers +18.5
  • Arkansas at Florida, Florida -6
  • Notre Dame at Clemson, Notre Dame -2.5 and Under 45.5
  • Iowa at Northwestern, Under 30.5
  • Oklahoma at Oklahoma State, Oklahoma State +6.5
  • Missouri at Georgia, Missouri +15.5
  • Florida State at Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh +21.5
  • Auburn at Vanderbilt, Vanderbilt +12.5
  • California at Oregon, Over 57.5
  • Purdue at Michigan, Michigan -32.5
  • LSU at Alabama, Over 59.5
  • Kentucky at Mississippi State, Under 45.5
  • Miami at N.C. State, Under 45.5

Wake Forest at Duke, Under 45.5

Travis anticipates a low-scoring affair between Wake Forest and Duke, citing Duke’s disappearing offense against their still robust defense. He expects a “nerd school” matchup to result in minimal scoring, which aligns perfectly with an under bet.

Texas A&M at Ole Miss, Under 53.5

According to Travis, Texas A&M’s season may hinge on this game and the upcoming LSU matchup. He acknowledges A&M’s offensive struggles but highlights their solid defense. Expecting a low-scoring game akin to A&M’s contests against Alabama and Tennessee, Travis is opting for the under.

Nebraska at Michigan State, Under 34.5

Travis is confident in Matt Rhule’s ability to lead Nebraska to a bowl game, primarily through strong defensive play. He predicts that Nebraska’s defense will be particularly dominant against Michigan State and suggests that betting the under is a secret to success in the Big Ten West.

Ohio State at Rutgers, Rutgers +18.5

Travis believes that Rutgers, under Greg Schiano, will not easily yield to Ohio State. He questions the strength of Ohio State’s offense on the road and predicts that Rutgers will cover the spread.

Arkansas at Florida, Florida -6

Despite Arkansas’s recent struggles and firing of their offensive coordinator, Travis doesn’t foresee a turnaround for the Razorbacks. He predicts Florida will recover from their previous loss and win by a margin larger than the spread.

Notre Dame -2.5 at Clemson and the Under 45.5

Travis points out the dramatic shift in perspective regarding Marcus Freeman’s Notre Dame team when facing Clemson. With Clemson being just an average team in the ACC, he expects Notre Dame to win in a low-scoring game, offering a double payoff for those betting on the Fighting Irish and the under.

Iowa at Northwestern, Under 30.5

The low over/under set for the Iowa-Northwestern game doesn’t deter Travis. He’s committed to betting unders on Iowa games, suggesting that the under is the smart play here.

Oklahoma at Oklahoma State, Oklahoma State +6.5

Travis contends that Oklahoma State, led by Ollie Gordon, is underrated and has the potential to win against Oklahoma outright. Regardless, he feels confident that Oklahoma State will cover the spread, if not secure the victory.

Missouri +15.5 at Georgia

Travis recalls the close contest between Missouri and Georgia last season and predicts a similar scenario this year. He disagrees with the large spread and bets on Missouri to lose by a narrower margin, covering the spread.

Florida State at Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh +21.5

Despite Pittsburgh’s recent heavy loss and controversy with their coach, Travis bets on them to cover the spread against Florida State. He notes that Florida State has a history of underperforming in northeastern trips, and Pittsburgh has shown the capability to defeat strong teams at home.

Auburn at Vanderbilt, Vanderbilt +12.5

Travis expresses reservations about Auburn’s offensive performance on the road. He hesitantly backs Vanderbilt to cover the spread, indicating a belief that the game will be closer than the numbers suggest.

California at Oregon, Over 57.5

Observing California’s defensive struggles and aggressive offense, Travis expects Oregon to score abundantly, likely over 40 points. He bets that California will contribute enough to the total to push the game over the set point total.

Purdue at Michigan, Michigan -32.5

After a bye week and facing criticism, Travis forecasts a decisive Michigan victory over Purdue. He expects Michigan to dominate, covering the large spread with a significant margin of victory.

LSU at Alabama, Over 59.5

While tempted to back LSU with the points, Travis finds the line too close for comfort. Instead, he predicts both LSU and Alabama will have productive offenses, leading to a high-scoring game and an over bet.

Kentucky at Mississippi State, Under 45.5

This matchup is crucial for both teams’ bowl eligibility, according to Travis. He foresees a defensive struggle and endorses the under, expecting a low-scoring outcome.

Miami at N.C. State, Under 45.5

Given the recent offensive performances of both Miami and N.C. State, Travis leans towards a defensive battle. Although he senses an N.C. State victory, his enthusiasm is stronger for the under bet.

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